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At Imperious Management Group, Inc., our goal is to be more reliable, faster, and smarter, and we have the best team driving this vision forward. Our sales and marketing team creates unique marketing strategies that help people to meet their desired business goals.

You’ll be happy to be associated with Imperious Management Group, Inc. for the kind of work that we do and for how we treat our team!

Everyone’s work is appreciated and supported. All new marketing associates are given the right tools to excel in their respective careers and earn a position in management so that we can continue to grow to meet our clients’ needs.

We understand that one needs to be allowed to take control of a project to help them grow and enhance their credibility. We listen to every opinion from our team and take all that is said into consideration.


Anthony Ergino CEO

Anthony Ergino


Anthony was born and raised in San Diego. Was a tri-sport athlete in school, playing football, wrestling, and track n field. Oldest sibling of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. At one point had 3 jobs and went to school full-time. Graduated from Palomar College then Cal State San Marcos majoring in Sociology and minored in Psychology. He has a wife and 3 beautiful children.Before getting into Business Management and Marketing, he was a Field Test Engineer for Nokia for 8 years working with networks with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-MO. He was always hourly or salary and has never worked in a sales type environment, so this is his first time working in a performance base industry. This was completely out of his comfort zone, but he knew in order for his future to change, he had to change.

With great mentors in front of him he was able to not only learn about sales and marketing through the Management Training Program, but also learn how to be a better leader of people. He is now the CEO of Imperious Management Group, Inc and since then he has ran multiple markets within San Diego and Riverside County. He is extremely excited to be working with great clients such as AT&T, Assurance Wireless, Sprint, DME, and Start New Financial. His goals is to continue to be a front runner on all programs he touches and become a partner with AT&T here on the West Coast.


Operation Management Team






    Ashley graduated with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Azusa Pacific University. Pursuing further education, she went to Canada and graduated with her Masters degree in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Western. She started working at an entry-level marketing position in Canada in order to expand her work experience. Ashley quickly grew within the company and began launching the special events division on for the telecommunications campaign in Canada with Rogers Communications. Ashley then took what she learned with the Rogers campaign and moved back home to work in Southern California with the AT&T campaign. Within 6 months she opened her own company and begun to manage the Orange County market. Now Ashley has expanded into the financial market with Start New in order to help spearhead this campaign on the West coast and bring the company to a national level.

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  • Diana Margarito

    • Diana Margarito


  • Ignacio Amaya

    • Ignacio Amaya


  • Robert Navarro

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    • Antonio Torres

    Antonio Torres is an Account Training Manager at Imperious Management Group. He was born and raised in Huntington Beach, Ca. He graduated from Edison High School and went into the Marine Corps where he specialized in Supply Chain Management and Fiscal Analysis. He is ardent in proper training, mentoring and coaching new hires. He specializes in marketing and sales. He is excited to help expand Imperious Management into different markets.


    • Chloe Guldemond

    Chloe Guldemond was born and raised in a small suburban town with dreams bigger than her environment. Chloe has always gone against the grain and been passionate about doing everything in life with an unconventional mindset. After graduating from Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic life coach, she decided to transform her career from an independent entrepreneur into coaching and developing teams of other like minded entrepreneurs. Her goal is to be able to provide new opportunities to individuals who find themselves looking to expand their personal development and find more purpose in their career.


    • Courtland Kinte

    Courtland Kinte is an Account Training Manager with Imperious Management. He is from Detroit, Michigan. All throughout high school, he played football, baseball and tennis. He has always had an entrepreneur mindset, and tried starting a business in Detroit called The College Cleaners. However, his adventure really started when he joined the military in August of 2016. In the military, he was a prime example of determination and resilience. Now he enjoys showing the example of student mentality and great work ethic at Imperious Management.


    • Diego Ortega

    Diego Ortega is an Account Training Manager with Imperious Management. As an artist, he prides himself on being able to think creatively about his approach in this business in order to have fun with it. To Diego, this is not just a job, it’s an opportunity! He knows that this opportunity will allow him to live the life he dreams of, just as freely as he wants.


    • Jess Cabrera

    Jess Cabrera is an Account Training Manager with Imperious Management. She was born in Riverside, CA and raised in Nuevo, CA. She’s the second oldest child of a hardworking Hispanic family. Prior from accepting her offer at our company, she worked in the insurance industry for two years. As a young child, she’s always pictured herself as an entrepreneur. The opportunity provided to her through Imperious Management was a chance of a lifetime. She did not hesitate at the thought of this position, once offered. She was intrigued by the position because the opportunity for growth was what interested her most. In her third week with the company she got promoted to Account Training Manager. She aspires to become an owner within the next 6 months.


    • Lizette Carrillo

    Lizette Carrillo is an Account Training Manager. She was born and raised in California. She loves being outdoors with friends and going to the beach. She was looking for an opportunity to grow and couldn't find it at any of her previous jobs until Imperious Management.


    • Luis Delgado

    Luis Delgado is an Account Training Manager at Imperious Management Group. He was born and raised in Corona, CA. Luis is currently a junior at San Francisco State University studying Communications. In his free time he likes to hangout with his friends and family barbecuing and going to the beach. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring new hires. He has a background in car sales and management at a coffee shop in San Francisco. He makes a great latte!

    He specializes in marketing and sales. He is excited to help expand Imperious Management into different markets.


    • Shriyash Bhargava

    Shriyash Bhargava is an Account Training Manager with Imperious Management. I was born and raised in India. Shriyash graduated from Manipal University, Karnataka with Bachelors in Hotel Management. While I realized that I just had started the journey of my career and I have to reach my destination, the thirst for perfection still remains and I need to quench it. Even though I have completed my education in Bachelors in Hotel Management I realized that I still need to learn so many things and decided to do Master’s in Business Administration in Strategic leadership and Concentration in Global business from San Diego State University, CA. In my free time I love travelling, exploring new places, hiking and cooking. I am interested in factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which changes in technology affect an organisation’s structure, long-term business strategy, product development, manufacturing, supply chains, distribution network, information needs and standard systems. And Decided to keep pursuing my education and starting my PhD in Strategic Management from California Miramar University.





    • Madison

    Madison is an Account Training Manager with Imperious Management. She was born and raised in Southern California. Madison has a strong passion for traveling and the outdoors. Most of her free time is shared between all of her family and friends. She enjoys backpacking, mountain biking and hiking through the local forests. Having much experience in very different types of industries throughout her working career and an educational background in Psychology, Madison was up for challenging herself to start a career in business management, marketing, and sales. The growth that she has seen and experienced has been wonderful. The people she surrounds herself with all have the same drive and determination. She has developed an entrepreneurial mindset and is very excited to continue striving throughout this company.




  • CHRIS LOPEZ Client Service Representative

    • Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez is a Client Service Representative. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. He previously lived abroad for seven years in different parts of Asia as an English teacher. In his fourth year abroad, he had the opportunity to open his own restaurant in Qingdao, China. He ran the restaurant for three years until January 2020. He returned to the U.S. and wants to rebuild a foundation in business here in California and believes that Imperious Management will help pave the way forward.

  • DOMINIQUE PALACIOS Client Service Representative

    • Dominique Palacios

    Dominique Placios grew up in Whittier, CA and moved to Corona, CA around 2006. Being the oldest sibling of 7 she always wanted to give her younger siblings Someone too look up to . Always working since the age of 16 finding any type of job to show that being a hard worker pays off . Other than working in sales for a short period of time she always craved more and learned anything she could possibly teach herself also learning about semi permanent makeup as a certified makeup artist . Always being a people person and making friends and connections along the way . Now as an adult not only does she have her younger siblings to rely on her but a son of her own that she’s striving to become all that she can for them . As Confucius once said “ our greatest glory is not in never falling , but in rising every-time we fall”.

  • IFEOMA EZEIFE Client Service Representative

    • Ifeoma Ezeife

    My name is ifeoma ezeife. I am Nigerian. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. My parents both have their PHDs and raised me to not settle for less and hard work to be successful. In high school and college I worked a part time job, ran track, and balanced my education. I stopped running track in my later years of college to focus on my education. That paid off because I will be a a psychology grad from the University of California; Riverside in the spring. I recently was hired by this job which will help me build more useful skills in the future but also push me to heights I never could imagine.

  • JASMINE PALO Client Service Representative

    • Jasmine Palo

    Jasmine Palos is a Client Service Representative with Imperious Management. She was born and raised in Boyle Heights and recently moved to the Moreno Valley and Perris area about 4 years ago. In her free time, she loves going hiking with her family and playing with her little daughter. She worked as a manager in a fast food restaurant for 4 years before realizing that was not the job for her. She is a team player, hard worker and a quick learner.